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Join us in Croatia
True to Bikes, Boats & Boots’ style, we have designed an adventure that captures Croatia’s true Mediterranean charm. From the crystal clear blue Adriatic Sea, to the ancient fortresses overlooking the bay, and the most excellent food and friendly people, our Croatian experience is designed to please. Click here for more details >
  Things to know —

Tour Prices:
Prices are set in US dollars regardless of the number of people included (i.e. no tier pricing) or the current foreign exchange rates and remain the same if you are joining as a single or with a group.

Passport Information:
When traveling to the Pacific Northwest we will cross into Canada where you will need to present your passport. All trips to Europe also require a passport. At this time, a Visa is not required to any of our European destinations.

Early Departures and Late Arrivals:
If you are unable to join us for the entire trip we will do our best to accommodate you. The earlier you can notify us of these changes, the better. Pricing will be pro-rated if arranged in advance.

Items to Bring:
Once you have signed up for your adventure we will provide you with a complete packing list. You will be required to wear a helmet at all times while on your bike. We recommend that you bring your own for maximum comfort, or we will provide one for you at no additional cost.

Bring Your Own Bike (Optional):
Your fee will be pro-rated if you decide to bring your own bike. Although we cannot be responsible for damages caused in transit, our technicians will gladly assemble your bike at our destination. Please let us know in advance if you will be brining your own bike.

Clipless Pedals:
You may bring your own clipless pedals with you and we will install them onto your rental bike. Don’t forget your shoes!

Each trip is different with regards to miles and time on the bike. Most of our trips include between 200 – 250 of cycling miles for the entire trip. If you want to spend more time on the bike, the trails are yours to explore. We will be happy to provide you with training tips and a pre-trip riding schedule.

How Difficult is the Route?
Each trip is different. However, if you spend the right amount of time in the saddle before the trip, you will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Otherwise, you may consider cycling as much as you want and joining us in the van for part of the trip. The decision is up to you. We just want you to have a great time.

Each trip is going to include beautiful hiking trails with views of lakes, small streams, rivers, man-made bridges, scenic overlooks, and hopefully some wildlife. No experience is necessary but you will need to have shoes that are broken in and comfortable. A day pack and light hiking shoes are generally all you will need. You are welcome to bring your own trekking poles. Our guides will also help determine which hike is best for each group. Typical hikes will last from half to three-quarters of a day.

Rafting and Kayaking:
No experience is necessary. You will be completely equipped, head-to-toe, with everything necessary. Knowledgeable and skilled outfitters will guide you through everything you need to have a great experience.

Looking for an answer not listed above? Please contact us by phone at 303.475.4593 or by email at